Marketing Mountain NJ Lakes Homes

My marketing plan will help your mountian lakes nj home sell faster for more money.Selling a home starts with selling the town. Fortunately, I sell Mountain Lakes! Increasingly today’s buyers look at several towns comparing prices, taxes, schools and lifestyle. I created this unique marketing website promoting the town to show potential buyers the benefits of choosing Mountain Lakes: Buyers can see the lifestyle, park community, history, beauty, recreational amenities and the unique “small town feel” available in Mountain Lakes in addition to an aerial video of the town taken by a unmanned aerial vehicle (helicopter drone).

Marketing my Mountain Lakes Listings

Each home I list gets a unique marketing plan, tailored to promote that home to potential buyers. I employ a stager who works for House Beautiful Magazine; we invest the needed time up front to prepare the home before we put it on the market. There is a story of a patron at a Paris café who approached Picasso and asked “can you scribble on this piece of paper and charge me what it is worth?” The artist sketched a picture in his inimitable style and handed the note back saying "that will be 10,000 Francs". The patron replied “but that only took 10 seconds!”, to which Picasso calmly replied "Sir, that took me 40 years". Last year, three of my listings were under contract within 5 days. It wasn’t just the 5 days of work negotiating the deals that made the difference, it was the sometimes months of up front preparation that set the stage for success. Doing my “homework” pays off for the homeowner!

My marketing plan for Hapgoods and other historic homes includes researching the archives to find pertinent information and photos that buyers would find interesting. Additionally, I promote the new zoning incentives for historic homes so buyers will understand the unique benefits of purchasing an older home. I also research details of updates, renovation projects and unique features of each home to include in my extensive brochures.

Videos and Websites

Many of today’s buyers research homes online and select homes they wish to see based on their online presence. Your home has to look its best on all relevant sites in order to attract buyers. My Internet and electronic presentations are unsurpassed in this market. I use a professional photographer, a professional videographer and a professional web designer. There is no expense spared when it comes to my listings. The Internet presence of my listings is outstanding. Please visit samples at:, and

The video embeded below is an example of how I market:

Creativity vs. "Me Too"

I presented a marketing plan to a seller a few years ago who said they would be speaking with other realtors before they listed.  Before I got back to my office I received a call informing me they were listing their home with me.  Their reason - another agent came in and said, "We are the biggest, we are the best and we will caravan your listing and sell it."  That was their entire marketing plan.  He said my plan, tailored to his home, was far superior, and his home sold quickly.  Other agents began copying pieces of my marketing plan saying, "I can do that too".   However, while they attempt facsimiles of what I was doing two years ago, I am looking forward.  I research photographers, videographers and web designers for months before choosing the best one.  I introduced individual web sites, professional media, aerial and elevated photography and videos to the Mountain Lakes market. My videos are true video, not slide shows or links to virtual tours or home videos taken with a "flip" camera.  My websites are actual sites selling your home, not links to a company website.  I tailor my marketing plan for every listing to make sure I promote the home at its best.  Creativity, ingenuity, true due diligence and just hard work are what sells my listings.  Quality matters! Every home is unique; every marketing plan should be too.