Mountain Lakes New Jersey Schools

Schooling and the extracurricular that surround it are an integral part of the “Laker” lifestyle. The public schools in Mountain Lakes provide their pupils with a superior quality of education, an array of athletic, other extracurricular activities, and truly unique educational opportunities. Most all residents are in some way involved in the school system and each year parents, seniors, and other residents devote hundreds of hours volunteering in the schools and at school events. The public schools in Mountain Lakes are:

Wildwood Elementary School

Picture of wildwood elementary school in mountain lakes new jerseyWildwood school houses students from kindergarten through the 5th grade. The school's curriculum is tailored to stimulate early intellectual, social, emmotional, and physical development of attending pupuls. The faculty places an emphasis on the development of fundemental empressive skills, like writing and composition.

The school day at Wildwood lasts from 8:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Kindergarten and 1st grade classes are self-contained. From 1st grade through the 5th grade, students spend half of their day in language arts classes (reading, spelling, composition, and writing) and the other half with different teachers for social studies, mathmatics, and other courses. All children who attend Wildwood school have physical education classes 3 times per week. The average class size at the school is about 20 students.

At wildwood, students recieve levels of instruction in reading and mathmatics courses based upon the rate at which each child progresses. Children recieve instruction individually, in small groups, and in full size classrooms. Students who excell past their grade level have the option to take enrichment programs.

Wildwood elementary school is the public elementary school in the Mountain Lakes public school district.  Wildwood's address is 51 Glen Rd Mountain Lakes NJ. The school can be reached by phone at: (973) 334-3609.  There are 33 full time faculty members employed by Wildwood elementary school and 483 students, giving the school a student/teacher ration of 15.

Briarcliff Middle School

Picture of Briarcliff Middle school in Mountain Lakes NJThe 6th, 7th, and 8th grades are housed at Briarcliff school. Students recieve a first-rate education from an interdiciplinary staff of teachers who work very closely with the principal to ensure quality of education. The small grade size at Briarcliff allows for students to recieve individual attention and instruction in their courses, which average out to about 20 pupils per class.

The middle school's curriculum includes English, mathmatics, reading, social studies, earth sciences, life sciences, and physical education. Students also recieve daily instruction in art, music, and health classes. With the exception of the schools mathmatics department, class groupings are heterogeneous. The level of mathmatics courses that students are placed in is decided on the basis of their 6th grade teacher's recomondation. Additionally, all students have free and regular access to the school's library and media center during their study hall period or after school.

Briarcliff students are also offered a variety of aferschool PEP mini-courses. These unique classes change from one marking period to the next. A few examples of PEP classes include the following: newspaper, chorus, dancing, rocketry, wrestling, band, chess, instrumental lessons, and many more.

Briarcliff students compete interscholastically with other nearby middleschools for the folowing sports: coeducational cross-country running, boys' basketball, girls' basketball.

Mountain Lakes High School MLHS

Picture of Mountain Lakes High School MLHSThe student body of Mountain Lakes Hisgh School (MLHS) is comprised of students comming from both Boonton twp NJ and Mt Lakes Borough NJ. The school's students belong to a long-standing tradition of excelling both in the classroom and in their extracurricular pursuits. The school's superior quality of education has been repeatedly recognized by NJ monthly magazine and a number of other publications. Each year, most all graduations seniors (usually about 98% or 99% of the graduating class) attends a 4-year college or some other form of higher education. Outside the classroom, the school's football team (the Herd) has claimed several state championships and undefeated seasons. Similarly, the school's lacrosse team has also claimed a number of state titles as well.

Lake Drive School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Picture of lake drive school for the deaf and hard of hearing on lake drive in Mountain LakesThe Lake Drive program provides its deaf and hard of hearing pupils with a comprehensive and continued education from birth through high school graduation. The highly qualified staff of communication specialists, psychologists, and other relevant proffesional diciplines theam with students' teachers as a means of helping the school's student body develop sovial and communicative skills along with those learned in traditional accademic coursework. Since it was founded nearly 40 years ago, Lake Drive School has been at the forefront of both creating and effectively implementing academic programming tailored to deaf and hard of hearing students. The school aims to help its students achieve "total communication" by providing each pupil with a unique set of educational tools geared toward their developing oral, verbal, auditory, and literacy skills. Accordingly, the curriculum created for each student is highly individualized to ensure their successfully developing necessary communicative and academic skillsets.

The Lake Drive School for the deaf and hard of hearing was founed in 1969 withn the Mountain Lakes NJ public school district as a day school alternative to the State School For the Deaf boarding school that was formerly the only public schooling option for deaf and hard of hearing students that lived in morris county and the areas that surround it. When the school opened its doors, classes were held in rented rooms in the ML community church and were taught by a single teacher, a teaching aid, and a handful of part-time communication specialists. By 1972, the rapidly growing student body had outgrown these rented spaces and the program was relocated to the Lake Drive school building which then housed the district's 5th and 6th grades. In 1978, the Lake Drive building was officially re-purposes as being solely a school for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Today, the Lake Drive School's student body numbers at around 250 deaf and hard of hearing students who range from 1 to 18 years old (infancy through high school graduation). The school now services 12 different NJ counties. Students who attend lake drive are also educated at Wildwood Elementary School, Briarcliff Middle School, and Mountain Lakes High School (MLHS). Those students that participate in such integrative programs account for another 70 students that belong to the Lake Drive program.

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